March 21-22 2017

San Francisco, CA

Rethink, Undo And Reinvent Our Approach To Talent In Tech

How do innovation-driven tech businesses of all sizes re-think and reinvent how to attract the best tech talent in a hyper-competitive industry? Once you’ve found great people, how do you create a culture which inspires them to ensure you retain them? And how do you redefine performance management to inspire your people to deliver extraordinary results?

These are the vital questions which lie at the heart of LEAP Tech Talent – the Tech forum for those who know that faster growth and higher performance is only possible with the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time.

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“HR needs to question everything to achieve the radical change required for future success. This is an immensely valuable opportunity to make that change happen."

Patty McCord, Former Chief Talent Officer, Netflix