Focus Day B: Organizational Development Focus Day

Drive a Total Company Transformation by Maximizing the Potential of Your Tech Talent in an Ultra-Competitive Industry

Monday June 21, 2021
9am – 12pm PST | 12pm – 3pm EST

Dive into three stories of what it really takes to elevate your tech business and people to their fullest potential with the power of highimpact organizational development. Through a combination of thought leader perspectives, hyperdetailed case studies, and facilitated discussions between OD leaders from managing highly qualified workforces, you will leave with the connections, insights, and innovative ideas you can immediately implement to transform the way your team responds to the everevolving tech business climate.


Topics to be discussed include:


Re-Establishing Mission, Vision & Values into Company Identity as a Meaningful Driver of Growth in Tech: Dissecting the “Pushpay Values” Initiative

What needs to change about our approach to forging a meaningful mission, vision, and set of values for our tech companies to provide the foundations for a strong culture and business growth?


Building Behavioral Data into Learning Strategies to Better Develop Your Leaders & Curate a Higher-Performing Tech Workforce with Ellucian’s “Coaching Mastery”

How can we better equip our managers with behavioral science to lead our talent and take our tech firms from successful, to hyper successful?


Fostering the Creativity of Your Company's First-Class Tech Talent to Create a Connected Culture in the Digital Workplace: Exploring "LexGo"

What non-traditional thinking can we champion to drive a greater feeling of connection and a stronger company culture to drive high performance and engagement in the world of remote working?