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7:00 am Conference Login & Networking

7:15 am Chair’s Welcome & Recap of Day One

Gain a Future-Ready Tech Talent Advantage

7:30 am Panel: How Turbocharged Tech Firms Are Gaining a Tech Talent Advantage in the Return to the Office


  • What has separated the best from the rest in the talent practices that have made tech companies unique in their employee value proposition and work experience?
  • What are the high-impact talent and reward practices now being implemented going forward in this uncertain environment?
  • What are the implications for future business, leadership and culture strategies?

8:15 am Speed Networking Break

Craft a Disruptive, Growth-Centric People Strategy

9:00 am Discover: Radically Re-Inventing the Theory Behind Effective Team Building and Workforce Planning in Tech: Exploring Cisco’s “TeamBuilder”

  • Gianpaolo Barozzi Global Lead – Talent Management, Digitization & Innovation , Cisco


  • What traditional thinking around the formation of effective teams needs ripping up and re-building to unlock the true potential of our tech workforce and business?
  • Leveraging internal intelligence on individual skillsets, connections, and collaborative attributes to take a data-driven approach to effective team building and workforce planning
  • How Cisco has developed an innovative approach to team building by harnessing an organizational network analysis of workforce skills and collaborative power to transform team building

9:20 am Discover: Re-Writing the “Future of Work” in Tech: Building a HighPerforming People Strategy to Enable Your Firm to Thrive in 2021 & Beyond

  • Rich Lang Senior Vice President of Human Resources, VMware


  • What opportunities can we harness from 2020 to accelerate our tech firms’ journeys to the future of work: Aligning employee choice and flexibility with business requirements
  • Driving new ways of thinking on where HR leaders and their businesses can focus efforts for building a distributed first mindset for 2021 and beyond
  • Learn how VMware is broadening its access to talent, increasing the engagement of its existing workforce, re-imagining its workplaces as collaboration hubs, and modernizing its work practices to ensure employees can thrive and grow their careers in whatever work environment works best for them through VMware’s Future of Work Initiative

9:40 am Develop: What More Can We Learn From the People Leaders Harnessing NonTraditional Workforce Strategies to Drive a High Performing Tech Workforce into the Future?

  • Gianpaolo Barozzi Global Lead – Talent Management, Digitization & Innovation , Cisco
  • Rich Lang Senior Vice President of Human Resources, VMware


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Chair

10:00 am Partnerships & Connections Break

Make an Impact with a Recharged Lens on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

10:30 am Discover: Championing Collective Learning & Responsibility for DE&I Through GitLab’s “Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Certification”


  • What needs to change about the way that we, as tech employers, contribute to the understanding and importance of diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace?
  • Driving transparent communication on diversity, inclusion, and belonging at every level of your tech company to uphold an internal benchmark of knowledge and proactivity
  • How GitLab has developed its inaugural DIB Certification to transform the involvement, engagement, and responsibility of its 100% remote tech workforce around diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

10:50 am Discover: “Netflix Virtual HBCU Boot Camps”: Championing Industry Partnerships & Product Agility to Transform the Way We Develop & Engage a Diverse Future Tech Workforce


  • How can we leverage external partnerships in our industry to enhance the diversity of our tech talent pool?
  • Harnessing your tech products to promote advancement in the industry: In what ways can we adapt our solutions to contribute to the development of the future workforce?
  • How 2U and Netflix are spearheading the Netflix Virtual HBCU Boot Camps program that offers cutting-edge, part-time learning programs on scholarship to build an engaged, diverse pipeline of qualified talent with in-demand tech skills

11:10 am Discover: “PRO Unites”: Driving Non-Traditional Approaches to Curating a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy for Every Level of a Large-Scale Tech Workforce


  • How to drive a meaningful change for all aspects of the workforce? Contingent workers are a substantial and growing part of today’s workforce. PRO Unites is committed to driving diversity and inclusion deep into this critical piece of the talent ecosystems
  • A view into processes and practices that remove barriers to diversity, promote inclusivity and enable the contingent workforce to contribute to their fullest
  • How PRO Unlimited has connected world class education and talent networks to develop PRO Unites: An innovative diversity and inclusion platform for contingent workers to enable the company – and its clients – to curate a comprehensive approach to building a more diverse and inclusive technology business

11:30 am Develop: What Impact Can Transforming Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Programs Make on Your People & Company Performance?


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Chair

12:00 pm Refreshment Break

Harness the Power of Your Product & Network for Next-Level Business Success

12:30 pm Discover: Spearheading Disruptive People Strategies to Equip Your Tech Workforce with the Support & Agility Needed to Thrive with the “Future of Work”

  • Kerry Brown Vice President of Workforce Adoption, SAP


  • What non-traditional approaches can we take to better support our tech businesses and talent pools to thrive as we undergo an industry transformation?
  • Harnessing a people-centric lens to drive positive business change: How is our workforce affected by the implementation of new technologies and systems, and what can we do more of to ease the impact?
  • How one leader at SAP is leading the Future of Work taskforce to enable the firm’s 100,000+ workforce to thrive with changing internal technologies and transform the quality of both business and people effectiveness

12:50 pm Discover: Enabling Leaders to Create People-Centric & Digital-First Workplaces Through Data & Dialogue: Introducing Slack’s “Future Forum”


  • Driving workplace transformation by equipping today’s leaders with data and insights around employee behaviors and trends
  • What does it take to attract and retain diverse talent, align against a common purpose that engages employees fully, and enable them to act with agility?
  • How Future Forum, the new consortium launched by Slack, helps leaders re-imagine the way people, processes and tools can come together through their quarterly Remote Employee Experience Index

1:10 pm Develop: What Can We Learn from the Tech Leaders Taking Novel Approaches to the Way They Leverage Their Product & Network?


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Chair

1:30 pm Action Roundtables: Join your fellow attendees and the speaker panel to network and solve your un-answered questions from Conference Day Two.


Come prepared to network with your peers and discuss your most pressing workforce challenges; and
leave with the insights you need to make a real impact at your organization.

Growth-Centric People Strategies

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Non-Traditional Uses for Your Talent & Product

2:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference