Case Study: AON


What was the business challenge we were facing?

We’re well known as the go-to provider of compensation insights in Life Sciences and Tech. However, our clients increasingly asked broader questions of us in our engagements with them, so we made a strategic decision to expand our offering into the talent advisory space. But because we were so associated with one offering, we needed an independent platform to demonstrate our thought leadership in this new space.


Why was a LEAP HR event the perfect solution?

LEAP HR events bring together the strategic people leaders at the companies we target and engage them in just the sort of dynamic and provocative dialogue we love to be a part of. Furthermore, because we as partners are woven into the fabric of the event, we are seen as the value-adding members of the community that we are, rather than solely as a solution provider looking to win business.


What happened as a result of being an event partner?

We’ve successfully established ourselves as a thought leader in the advisory space, and both deepened and widened our relationships with scores of key companies as a direct result of partnering with LEAP HR events. We’ve made dozens of new contacts, and cemented our relationship with even more existing contacts. Our business is growing fast and LEAP HR events are a key part of the marketing efforts behind that growth.