Branded Talent Strategies

At LEAP Tech Talent 2021, we will only be showcasing case studies of the tech sector’s most radical workforce strategies, branded and unveiled to you by the people who designed them

Dig deeper than ever before into the industry’s most comprehensive collection of branded talent initiatives, shared directly by those that designed them, and leave with the insights you need to shape the success of your tech company’s future.

Just some of these branded initiatives include:


Palo Alto’s FLEXWORK Coalition:  How Palo Alto Networks has turned workplace learning on its head as part of the innovative FLEXWORK Coalition to keep the business and its workforce cutting edge.


Amazon’s Military Advancement Program: How Amazon is engineering a research-backed approach to transform the way it engages, develops, & retains a diverse, qualified workforce.


Ericsson on the Move: How Ericsson has developed the cultural initiative for 7,500 leaders globally to drive a breakthrough in the quality of management practices worldwide.


Slack’s Future Forum Consortium: How Slack is radically disrupting traditional people theory in tech to enable businesses to develop a new competitive advantage in the workforce.


SAP’s Future of Work Taskforce: How one leader at SAP is enabling the firm’s large-scale workforce to thrive alongside evolving technology to transform the business’ people effectiveness.


Cisco’s Teambuilder Network: How Cisco has developed an innovative approach to team creation by harnessing an organizational network analysis of workforce skills and collaborative power.


The ‘Talkdesk Experience’ Program: How Talkdesk is championing and redefining the employee experience in a new virtual setting whilst increasing its headcount by 140% in 18 months


Unity Technology’s ‘In It Together’ Strategy: How Unity Technology’s novel approach to culture is keeping stakeholders supported and communications transparent during times of volatility


Vonage’s ‘Year of Growth’ Movement: How Vonage is championing curiosity and engagement in career development to transform retention and drive significant business growth


Lextech’s ‘LexGo’ Platform: How Lextech has fostered the creativity of its first-class tech talent to create a connected culture in the digital workplace


Omnitracs ‘Talent Flow’: How Omnitracs has transformed the use of hiring technology to automate candidate workflows and drive 100% headcount growth in 12 months


Empowering ‘ThoughtWorker Growth’: How ThoughtWorks has established a strong culture-led platform for business scale to support consistent annual growth of more than 20% year on year

Plus many more....

See where these branded talent strategies feature in the program: