March 12-14 2019

San Francisco, CA

Part of the LEAP HR Series


Workshop A: Transforming Talent Acquisition in Tech Strategy Day

Built for those with a stake in rethinking how we find, attract & build tech talent

Tuesday March 12 2019: 12pm – 8pm
(includes networking dinner)

This focus day will bring you 4 of the most high-impact people leaps being taken to address the vital challenges of how we find, attract, and build the tech workforce of tomorrow. Through a combination of thought leader perspectives and facilitated discussions between HR and strategic Talent Acquisition leaders, you will leave with connections, insights and innovative ideas you can immediately implement:

Building a Totally New, High-Impact Model for Talent Acquisition in Life Sciences

What does it take to transform your talent acquisition function into one focused on skill set alignment?

Utilizing AI Without Losing the Human Touch During Rapid Growth

How can we rethink our approach to the candidate experience and on-boarding?

Reshaping Your Approach to Employer Branding in Highly-Competitive Industry

Challenge traditional thinking on how you go to market to gain the edge with vital talent

Reorganizing Your Talent Acquisition Function to Flex & Keep Pace with Aggressive Growth Goals

What can we do to challenge traditional thinking about how we structure our recruitment function to find better talent, faster?


Workshop B: Next-Gen HR Accelerator Day

Built for the junior HR practitioners you want to fast track towards greater influence and added value

Tuesday March 12 2019: 12pm – 8pm
(includes networking dinner)

Accelerate your HR team’s journey towards becoming influencers able to add value at the heart of your fast-paced tech firm. This day offers a unique opportunity for up and coming HR practitioners establishing themselves inside your HR organization to build breadth through micro learnings. It also offers you a chance to invest in your smart, but unseasoned HR practitioners to help you retain them and to strengthen depth, bench strength and succession planning inside your own team.

The five key themes we will address will include:

Successfully navigating the baggage that HR field carries with it to transform your personal impact

What differentiates the most successful HR people from the pack and how can you map your career against theirs to set you apart?

Developing commercial acumen as a fundamental building block of internal credibility

How to accelerate your understanding of the rhythm, cadence and context of the technology business in which you operate

Predicting the future of HR to allow you to build the skills needed in the future

What skills will you – the HR leader of the future – need to build to allow you to skate to where the puck is as you develop your career?

Practical problem solving at pace to increase your personal impact on your organization

How to move from reactive to proactive and get more strategic in terms of problem solving to get ahead, and stay ahead, of the needs of your dynamic tech business

Using conversational leadership to influence without authority

Closing the gaps in your ability to influence without authority, and building relationships with trust to help you build a blueprint to transform your impact