April 7-8 2020

San Francisco, CA

Part of the LEAP HR Series


Tuesday March 12, 2019 | 6pm-8pm

What is C-Hack?

C-Hack was born out of a desire to help the CHRO of fast paced organizations develop themselves. The session will feature 6 rapid-fire pecha kuchas from 6 CHROs and HR thought leaders bursting to share their experiences. This is your chance to surround yourself with a dynamic group of like-minded peers, pizza, beer (or wine) and 6 big ideas.

There are candid conversations to be had, explosive ideas to be gained and brand newconnections to be made, will you be there?

The Questions:


How Can We as CHROs Ensure That We Are Really Capitalizing on Our Role as Challengers of the Business?



Taking Your Data Game to the Next Level – How Can We Drive a Powerful Evidence-Based Approach to HR?



Is it Time to Rewrite the Rules of Your Relationship with Your CEO?



What Do We Need to Rethink About the Way We Do HR to Meet the Needs of a Highly-Dispersed Workforce?


*This evening is for the CHRO, or equivalent, of your tech business.