Strategy Day

Talent Acquisition Strategy Day

This strategy day will bring you 4 of the most high-impact people leaps being taken to address the vital challenges of how we find, attract, and build the tech workforce of tomorrow. Through a combination of thought leader perspectives and facilitated discussions between HR and strategic Talent Acquisition leaders, you will leave with connections, insights and innovative ideas you can immediately implement:

The Supply Chain of Skills: Building Supply Against Demand and Predicting Future Needs

  • How AI is set to radically transform and accelerate how we identify future skill gaps, enabling us to detect and deploy skills at speed and scale
  • Taking lessons from the consumer: learning an employee’s motivations, their likes and dislikes, to better predict future gaps and harness skillsets
  • Mapping skillsets to graph skills globally, identifying where best to do business, where best to acquire and, ultimately, where work can be done most productively


No Jobs, No Job Descriptions: Radically Redesigning How We Hire & Retain the Best in Tech

  • Applying non-traditional thinking to traditional processes by building roles around the candidate, not the job description
  • Hypergrowth recruitment: Experimental ideas to help you and your candidates stand out from the crowd
  • Less is more: Cut down the number of weaker applications, attract the strongest ones and save crucial time


A Radical Approach to Rejuvenating Tomorrow’s Tech Talent Pipeline

  • Hear how one CHRO is attracting and developing young talent from around the globe and reshaping the workforce demographic
  • Challenging traditional notions of what it means to be tech talent, how do we open up pipelines to non-traditional sources of talent?
  • What lessons have been learned from promoting diversity in traditionally challenging geos, and what benefits exist from having a truly global and diverse talent pipeline?


Plenty More Fish in the Ocean: Securing Top Tech Talent in a Hyper-Competitive Industry

  • Reimagining how you attract and select world-class talent and capabilities in a difficult tech talent market
  • In a world of fierce competition, rethink the way you screen and interview for the right cultural fit
  • How do we hold on to our culture, and what makes us special, during rapid growth?
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Facilitated by a panel of talent experts, including:

Kelley Steven-Waiss, Chief Human Resources Officer, HERE Technologies

Joe Griston, Chief of Talent, Arrival

Lauren McKenna, Global Head of Human Resources, Trend Micro

Josee Meiners, Chief Human Resources Officer, The Ocean Cleanup