About Event

"I’ve been looking for other people leaders in tech who think like me, who want to challenge the status quo, who want to start pulling tomorrow’s thinking into today’s work. At LEAP Tech Talent I think I’ll finally meet my tribe."

Lisa McGill, Chief People Officer, Crowdstrike


LEAP Tech Talent works because it connects you with the most forward-thinking people leaders taking the most radical leaps enabling the most admired growth stories in the industry. By shining a light only on the most radical leaps and ensuring every leap shared is evidenced by the business improvement it delivers, we guarantee that your time and your money are well spent:

The LEAP Difference

LEAP Tech Talent prioritizes above all a collaborative yet disruptive dialogue, shining a light on the people
strategies underpinning the industry's coolest growth stories, set in a high-energy and fully immersive
context. Those who take part tell us they leave feeling:


• Discover - bold talent leaders tell the story behind their leaps
• Develop - you quiz the speakers on the secrets of their success



• Speed learning - get quick-fire inspiration for your own leaps
• Ignite - radical Pecha Kucha sessions which inspire and engage


Ready for action

• Speed networking - build a tailor-made support network
• Action - identify the takeaways you can immediately apply


LEAP Tech Talent is part of the LEAP HR series: www.leap-hr.com