About Event

“I’ve been looking for other people leaders in tech who think like me, who want to challenge the status quo, who want to start pulling tomorrow’s thinking into today’s work. At LEAP Tech Talent I think I’ll finally meet my tribe.”

Lisa McGill, Chief People Officer, Crowdstrike

The LEAP Difference

LEAP Tech Talent works because it connects you with the people leaders taking the most radical leaps to deliver real impact through their people functions. Whether your tech business is in hyper-growth, rapidly scaling or innovating to stay at the cutting-edge, this is the event for you.

The innovators that take part in LEAP Tech Talent don’t want to waste your time by simply telling you the headlines about how great they are – they are there to share the real stories behind their work.

  • Spotify revealed how it has built a unique culture that successfully balances autonomy with accountability and fosters innovation without sacrificing scalability
  • Pinterest shared how it is maximizing engagement during explosive growth by challenging traditional thinking around benefits and rewards
  • Trifacta shared how it has totally reinvented performance management to create a system fit for high-performance people in tech
  • Microsoft revealed how it radically redesigned talent acquisition to be the number 1 employer of choice for millennials in tech
  • Asana shared how it is fostering an award-winning culture of vulnerability, curiosity and innovation to drive year-on-year revenue growth of 90%

LEAP Tech Talent is part of the LEAP HR series: www.leap-hr.com