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* The 2021 event has now run. Thank you to those who attended. More information about the 2022 event will be released soon. For more information please email info@leap-hr.com *

LEAP Tech Talent returned in 2021 for the sixth year to showcase twenty of the most radical, branded people strategies that have made the biggest difference to future-ready tech firms.

Attendees discovered how brand-new, revolutionary HR programs are giving tech firms the edge in an ultra-competitive product and talent market.

Those who took part dug deeper than ever before into the most comprehensive collection of branded talent initiatives from hardware, software, internet and IT industries, shared directly by those that designed them. 

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A Selection of the Case-Studies Shared at the 2021 Event:


Palo Alto Networks’ FLEXWORK Coalition:  How Palo Alto Networks has turned workplace learning on its head as part of the innovative FLEXWORK Coalition to keep the business and its workforce cutting edge.


Cisco’s Teambuilder Network: How Cisco has developed an innovative approach to team creation by harnessing an organizational network analysis of workforce skills and collaborative power.


Ericsson on the Move: How Ericsson has developed the cultural initiative for 7,500 leaders globally to drive a breakthrough in the quality of management practices worldwide.


Slack’s Future Forum Consortium: How Slack is radically disrupting traditional people theory in tech to enable businesses to develop a new competitive advantage in the workforce.


SAP’s Future of Work Taskforce: How one leader at SAP is enabling the firm’s large-scale workforce to thrive alongside evolving technology to transform the business’ people effectiveness.


Amazon’s Military Advancement Program: How Amazon is engineering a research-backed approach to transform the way it engages, develops, & retains a diverse, qualified workforce.

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