March 20-21 2018

San Francisco, CA

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LEAP Tech Talent works because it shines a light on the impact that people leaders have on business performance and every leap shared is evidenced by the business improvement it delivers, or it is expecting to deliver. Every presentation is guaranteed to be practical, commercial and valuable.

  • GE Digital showed how it built a $1bn business transforming from industrial giant to software leader
  • ThoughtWorks shared how it has innovated to ensure 40% of all new hires are women
  • Dropbox showed how to leapfrog the traditional maturity path of a company of your size
  • IBM lifted the lid on how it is enabling faster, smarter decision-making to help the business grow
  • Hitachi Data Systems explained how to transform HR to prevent the 20% decline legacy IT firms risk

LEAP stands for Leadership, Engagement, Analytics, and Process – four key pillars of any HR transformation agenda.

However, for us and for the members of the industry-specific HR leadership communities we create, LEAP stands for much more.

It represents the bold, risky leaps forward which we all know we need to take to truly change our companies from the inside.

This event has been designed to showcase some of the most significant leaps made – or being planned – by HR leaders in Technology today.

These may be strategic leaps, tactical leaps, commercial leaps, cultural leaps, collaborative leaps and technological leaps.

What matters is that they actively challenge traditional thinking around the role of HR in the business, and they are actively positioning HR at the very heart of corporate performance.

That’s why we do what we do, and it’s why we hope you’ll get value out of taking part in this event.

The LEAP Difference

LEAP Tech Talent is a high energy, high impact forum where ambitious people leaders surround themselves with those doing the most to achieve people and culture change at the heart of fast-moving, high-growth, innovation-centric industries. We bring ideas to life through:

  • Discover – bold HR leaders tell the story behind their leaps
  • Debate – you quiz the speakers on the secrets of their success
  • Action – identify the takeaways you can immediately apply
  • Speed Networking – build a tailor-made personal network
  • Speed Learning – get quick-fire inspiration for your own leaps
  • Pecha Kucha – a radical way to inspire and engage

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