March 20-21 2018

San Francisco, CA

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Speaker Highlights


Barbara Fisher
Chief Human Resources Officer of Talent Management

LEAP: “Accelerating a culture of inclusive innovation by rethinking what it means to ‘belong’.”

Liz McAuliffe
Executive Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Totally rethinking how to shape the people function to support a dynamic business through rapid digital transformation.”

L. David Kingsley
Senior Vice President Employee Success

LEAP: “Bringing together technology and culture to make employee engagement a transformative reality and valuable habit.”

Jennifer Waldo
Chief Human Resources Officer
GE Digital

LEAP: “Overcoming the cultural and operational challenges in leading the digital transformation of a non-digital native company.

Katie Burke
Chief People Officer

LEAP: “Working to infuse empathy and inclusivity into business processes to tackle the challenges of rapid, global growth.”

Jing Liao
Chief Human Resources Officer

LEAP: “Driving innovation by placing more millennials in senior positions than anywhere else.”

Linda Rogers
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Dolby Laboratories

LEAP: “Creating a new vision for HR as a value creator, business accelerator, prophet and storyteller.”

Evan Wittenberg
Chief Human Resources Officer

LEAP: “Inspiring talent through audacious work to create real and high-impact internal career mobility.”

Carrie Dieterle
Chief People Officer
Insomniac Games

LEAP: “Harnessing the power of positive disruption to develop the future tech leaders this industry needs.”

Kelley Steven-Waiss
Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

LEAP: “Creating a radical talent sharing platform to truly tap into the industry’s full capacity and prepare for an uncertain future.”

Dotcy Isom
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Passionately driving initiatives that focus on boosting the engagement, development and retention of diverse employees.“

Amy Zimmerman
Head of People Operations

LEAP: “Creating a scalable culture focused on constant learning to transform our approach to talent development.”

John Boudreau
Professor of Management & Organization, Marshall School of Business & Research Director, Center for Effective Organizations
University of Southern California

LEAP: “Rethinking the future of HR.”

Karen Crone
Chief Human Resources Officer

LEAP: “Experimenting with powerful social engineering to transform how to build and strengthen teams.”

Chuck Edward
Corporate Vice President Human Resources & Global Head of Talent Acquisition

LEAP: “Revolutionizing how we recruit and develop world changing talent and capabilities."

Chris Tobin
Senior Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Rethinking how to scale talent, teams and culture in a highgrowth company and industry.”

Tenia Davis
Chief People Officer

LEAP: “Shaking off the stereotypes of a global giant to reset and rebrand as an aggressive, agile start-up.”

Lisa McGill
Chief Human Resources Officer

LEAP: “Cultivating a culture of employee empowerment in an innovation-centric explosive growth tech firm.”

Neil Frye
Global Head of Recruitment, Human Resources Operations & Technology

LEAP: “Building a people strategy to leapfrog the traditional maturity path of a company our size.”

Mark Bocianski
most recently Senior Vice President Human Resources
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

LEAP: “Building a smarter workforce by utilizing social learning and collaboration to create a culture of constant learning.”

Sarah Tilley
Vice President Enterprise Technology Talent Strategy
The Walt Disney Company

LEAP: “Propelling a traditionally non-tech workforce and non-digital native organization to the cuttingedge of the industry.”

Adrian Stevens
Vice President Leadership & Professional Development
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

LEAP: “Transforming how businesses prepare for the rise of AI and machine learning.”

Ambrosia Vertesi
Vice President People, Duo Security & Co-Founder HROS
Duo Security & HROS

LEAP: “Writing an open-source future for HR.”

Jeff Harper
Senior Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Delivering transformative results by aligning core business values with workforce wellness and ‘vitality’.”

Nina McQueen
Vice President, Global Benefits & Employee Experience

LEAP: “Pivoting fast to achieve a scalable experience-driven culture of high performance in tech.”

Kate Shaw
Director of Learning

LEAP: “Transforming what leadership development looks like to create the leaders a fast-growth business needs tomorrow, today.”

L.J. Brock
Chief People Officer

LEAP: “Upgrading the horsepower of an innovation-centric people function by operating HR as a product-oriented profit center.”

Dan Spaulding
Chief People Officer
Zillow Group

LEAP: “Developing a culture, across vastly different teams and businesses, to maintain a highly competitive edge.”

Li-Meng Pu
Learning & Development Leader

LEAP: “Building highly agile teams able to operate in an unknown and complex operating environment.”

Heather Kirkby
Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Totally recreating manager training to deliver real behavior change.”

Anna McMurphy
Heap of People, Culture & Entertainment

LEAP: “Focusing on how to foster an authentic human connection as organizations experience explosive growth.”

John Radford
Founder and Partner
Radford, an Aon Hewitt company

LEAP: “Helping firms gain an edge in the competition to attract, engage and retain tech talent.”

Tony Schwartz
Founder and CEO
The Energy Project

LEAP: “Applying energy management as the key to harnessing sustainable human processing power.”

Matt Quarles
Pay Governance

LEAP: “Helping the most admired technology companies rethink their approach to executive compensation.”

Antonia Cusumano Binetti
US Technology Industry People & Organization Leader

LEAP: “Helping add greater efficiencies, drive higher performance and deliver faster growth.”

Brooke Green
Partner, Compensation Consulting
Radford, an Aon Hewitt Company

LEAP: “Helping tech firms attract, engage and retain high quality talent.”