March 11-13 2019

TBC, San Francisco

2018 Speaker Highlights


Barbara Fisher
Chief Human Resources Officer of Talent Management

LEAP: “Accelerating a culture of inclusive innovation by rethinking what it means to ‘belong’ in a turbocharged tech firm.”

Liz McAuliffe
Executive Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Totally rethinking how to shape the people function to support a dynamic business through rapid digital transformation.”

L. David Kingsley
Head of Global People and Places

LEAP: “Bringing together technology and culture to make employee engagement a transformative reality and valuable habit.”

Jennifer Waldo
Chief Human Resources Officer
GE Digital

LEAP: “Overcoming the cultural and operational challenges in leading the digital transformation of a non-digital native company.

Lisa Cannell
CHRO & Managing Director
UVA Darden School of Business

Katie Burke
Chief People Officer

LEAP: “Working to infuse empathy and inclusivity into business processes to tackle the challenges of rapid, global growth.”

Jing Liao
Chief Human Resources Officer

LEAP: “Driving innovation by placing more millennials in senior positions than anywhere else.”

Carrie Dieterle
Chief People Officer
Insomniac Games

LEAP: “Harnessing the power of positive disruption to develop the future tech leaders this industry needs.”

George Hudgens
Head of People Operations and Technology
Dolby Laboratories

LEAP: “Creating a new vision for HR as a value creator, business accelerator, prophet and storyteller.”

Evan Wittenberg
Chief Human Resources Officer

LEAP: “Inspiring talent through audacious work to create real and high-impact internal career mobility.”

Adam Sherman
Lead, Information & Communications Technologies Industries
World Economic Forum

Greg Von der Ahe
Vice President of Talent Platform

LEAP: “Creating a radical talent sharing platform to truly tap into the industry’s full capacity and prepare for an uncertain future.”

Dotcy Isom
Vice President Human Resources

“Passionately driving initiatives that focus on identifying and accelerating the development and growth of executives.“

Jennifer Carlson
Executive Director
WTIA Workforce Institute & Apprenti

Dave Foley
VP Global Sales

Jenny Zenner
Senior Director - Technology, Entrepreneurship, Consumer
UVA Darden Career Services

Srinivas Krishnamurti

Brad Layman
VP Sales
KZO Innovations

Will Jerome
Head of Enterprise Telecom & Technology Practice
General Assembly

Jeff Fissel
VP Solutions & Co-Founder
KZO Innovations

Amy Zimmerman
Head of People Operations

LEAP: “Creating a scalable culture focused on constant learning to transform our approach to talent development.”

John Boudreau
Professor of Management & Organization, Marshall School of Business & Research Director, Center for Effective Organizations
University of Southern California

LEAP: “Rethinking the future of HR.”

Karen Crone
Chief Human Resources Officer

LEAP: “Experimenting with powerful social engineering to transform how to build and strengthen teams.”

Chuck Edward
Corporate Vice President Human Resources & Global Head of Talent Acquisition

LEAP: “Revolutionizing how we recruit and develop world changing talent and capabilities."

Chris Tobin
Senior Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Rethinking how to scale talent, teams and culture in a highgrowth company and industry.”

Tenia Davis
Chief People Officer

LEAP: “Shaking off the stereotypes of a global giant to reset and rebrand as an aggressive, agile start-up.”

Neil Frye
Global Head of Recruitment, Human Resources Operations & Technology

LEAP: "Moving past the false panacea of predictive analytics."

Natalie Baumgartner, Ph.D.
Chief Workforce Scientist

Bryon Withers
Chief Culture Officer
Kelly OCG

Bryce Murray
Vice President Talent Acquisition
Disney Consumer Products & Interactive Media

LEAP: “Propelling a traditionally non-tech workforce and non-digital native organization to the cutting edge of the industry.”

Adrian Stevens
Vice President Leadership & Professional Development
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

LEAP: “Transforming how businesses prepare for the rise of AI and machine learning.”

Ambrosia Vertesi
Vice President People, Duo Security & Co-Founder HROS
Duo Security & HROS

LEAP: “Writing an open-source future for HR.”

Jeff Harper
Senior Vice President Human Resources

LEAP: “Delivering transformative results by aligning core business values with workforce wellness and ‘vitality’.”

Nina McQueen
Vice President, Global Benefits & Employee Experience

LEAP: “Pivoting fast to achieve a scalable experience-driven culture of high performance in tech.”

Kate Shaw
Director of Learning

LEAP: “Transforming what leadership development looks like to create the leaders a fast-growth business needs tomorrow, today.”

L.J. Brock
Chief People Officer

LEAP: “Upgrading the horsepower of an innovation-centric people function by operating HR as a product-oriented profit center.”

Dan Spaulding
Chief People Officer
Zillow Group

LEAP: “Developing a culture, across vastly different teams and businesses, to maintain a highly competitive edge.”

Heather Kirkby
VP – Talent Development

LEAP: “Totally recreating manager training to deliver real behavior change.”

Anna McMurphy
Heap of People, Culture & Entertainment

LEAP: “Focusing on how to foster an authentic human connection as organizations experience explosive growth.”

John Radford
Founder and Partner
Radford, an Aon Hewitt company

LEAP: “Helping firms gain an edge in the competition to attract, engage and retain tech talent.”

Matt Quarles
Pay Governance

LEAP: “Helping the most admired technology companies rethink their approach to executive compensation.”

Jocelyn Lincoln
Talent Supply Chain CoE
Kelly OCG

LEAP: “Transforming talent acquisition to help businesses prepare for the future of tech.”

Antonia Cusumano Binetti
US Technology Industry People & Organization Leader

LEAP: “Helping add greater efficiencies, drive higher performance and deliver faster growth.”

Brooke Green
Partner, Compensation Consulting
Radford, an Aon Hewitt Company

LEAP: “Helping tech firms attract, engage and retain high quality talent.”

Andrew Deutscher
Managing Director
The Energy Project

LEAP: "Performance is an Inside Story."