March 27-28 2018

San Francisco, CA

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Agenda Highlights

2017 agenda highlights included:

  • How the HR Landscape Will Evolve in a World of Accelerating Change
  • Rethinking HR to Help Talent Innovate, Build New Products & Deliver Our Competitive Advantage
  • How GE is Challenging Traditional Thinking to Transform from Industrial Giant to Software Leader
  • Achieving Irresistible HR to Transform Your Tech Firm’s Ability to Operate with Speed and Agility
  • How 3M Is Using Innovation to Radically Transform Leadership Development
  • Energy Management: The Key to Harnessing Sustainable Human Processing Power
  • Making the Leap to Holistic Talent Management With an Integrated Contingent/FTE Strategy
  • Building a People Strategy to Leapfrog the Traditional Maturity Path of a Company of Your Size
  • How Challenging Traditional Thinking Can Transform Your Ability to Operate with Speed & Agility
  • Creating a Culture of Simplicity in HR to Drive Measurable Business Performance
  • Turning Culture into a Competitive Advantage in a Competitive Tech Talent Market
  • Building a Smarter, Better, Faster Tech Business – Inside the HDS Transformation from Legacy IT Company to IoT Leader
  • Driving Tech Business Growth through Agile Performance Management
  • Building a Purpose-driven Culture Which Inspires Great People and Makes Them Want to Stay
  • Cultivating Learning Communities as a Way to Make Next-generation Learning a Reality Today
  • Developing the Effectiveness of New Managers in a Rapidly Scaling, Global Tech Business
  • Coaching in Hyper-Growth to Equip Millennial Leaders with the Tools to Thrive
  • Building a Remarkable Culture of Inclusivity in Tech to Drive Performance, Engagement and Retention